Secure clean energy. Simplified

We streamline the process of deploying and scaling clean energy assets.


Energy Systems

Deciding which energy solution to choose is complicated. Our team of industry experts takes care of all the analysis, design, permitting, financing, and utility coordination so that your choice is simple – just sign on the dotted line and start saving money.

OT Cybersecurity

US critical infrastructure systems – pipelines, energy control systems, water, waste, transportation, and more – are all vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and conventional approaches to cybersecurity can’t keep up with the attackers. Our system-level cybersecurity solution has been certified by the Department of Defense to eliminate the threat of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure.


We arrange project financing for all of our energy systems and cybersecurity solutions by optimizing equity, tax equity, debt, and the contracts to make it all work. Let us handle all of the hard work so you end up with a cashflow positive energy solution that’s clean and secure. It really is that simple.


Available Power partners with real estate owners to simplify the process of building renewable energy systems. It all starts by sending over your historical data and some initial information, and we take care of the rest. Let us do the complicated part so that you can stay focused on your business. Fill out the contact form to get started today, and we will:

  • Handle all utility coordination and contracting
  • Design an optimized renewable energy system
  • Arrange cashflow-positive financing options
  • Save you money

AP Cyber is delivering a Zero Trust Network system solution that eliminates the threat of cyber-attacks. If you own or operate energy assets – like backup generators, solar, battery systems, control systems, or building automation systems – then attackers can shut down your service and hold it for ransom. AP Cyber delivers its Department of Defense certified cybersecurity solution for:

  • Electric utilities
  • Power services companies
  • Operational technology users
  • Asset optimization companies
  • Local/State/Federal Government agencies